Saturday, 21 January 2012

Nails Inc. 'Victoria'

In all honesty, I'm not sure just how much I am a fan of Nails Inc.  I find their polishes to be quite expensive for decidedly average quality.  I mean, Rimmel Pro polishes are almost half the price, come with a wide OPI-style brush and are quite chip resistant.  After living in OPI 'Skull & Glossbones' (after I blogged about it) for what must have been at least a month, I decided that a change was needed.  The gloomy winter weather called for a deep shade, cue 'Victoria' by Nails Inc.:

Although I absolutely love the black cherry shade, application is messy.  I normally get a few splodges around the edges of my nails, but golly.  This stuff got everywhere.  It's really runny and thin, and the brush just isn't up to par with the price tag.  As you can see on my index finger, it's already chipped on the corner, and the same for a few nails on my other hand too.  With a base, two coats and a top coat, chipping should be days away.. Not on the night of application!  Needless to say, I don't think I'll be purchasing any more Nails Inc. polishes any time soon.  The colour is lovely, but application and quality don't justify £11 a bottle!  For that price I'll stick with OPI, models own and Rimmel.  With competitors the same price and cheaper with better quality and value overall, I really can't see how Nails Inc. are worth it.. 


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